April 22, 2009

Si Kabayan is a Haji

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It seemed to Si Kabayan that he had not anything really good to eat for a long time. He even had visions of a delicious chicken, aromatic in thick coconut sauce. One day he had an idea. He knew that his father-in-law always served the most excellent food if a haji paid him a visit, so he disguised himself as a haji, white robe, white fez, and flowing white scarf, and went to his father-in-law’s home.

As soon as si Kabayan’s father-in-law saw that he had a haji as guest he told his wife to prepare a chicken. Si Kabayan ate heartily of his father-in-law’s fare and after the meal revealed his identity. His father-in-law was very angry and decide to take revenge.

One afternoon he dressed himself up as a haji and went to Si Kabayan’s house. Si Kabayan called his wife.

“We have an honored guest, dear. Have our goat slaughtered at once.”

“Goat ?!” exclaimed Si Kabayan’s wife. “Where do you expect me to get a goat? We haven’t so much as goat’s tail about the place !”

“Aren’t you ashamed talking such nonsense !” reproached Si Kabayan. “Just slaughter your father’s goat. It’s tied right in back of our house.”

Hearing Kabayan’s words, his guest the Haji said quickly. “No, no, Kabayan. That’s the only goat I own.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” said Kabayan. “I thought you were a guest from Southern Arabia.”

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