March 19, 2013

Peter Pan – A Never Land Story

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It was a cold winter night, and John and Michael just couldn’t get to sleep. They climbed onto the bed of their older sister, Wendy.

“Oh, tell us a story, Wendy!” said Michael.

“Yes, please. A Peter Pan story!” pleaded John.

“Certainly,” said Wendy.

“Have I told you about the time that Peter Pan outsmarted the evil Captain Hook?”

“Yes!” said Michael eagerly. “And we want Continue reading

December 1, 2009

Malin Kundang

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At one time, there lived a family of fishermen on the coast of Sumatra region. The family consists of father, mother and a son named Malin Kundang. Because the financial condition of the concerned families, the father decided to make a living in the country across the vast seas.

In their huts lived only Malin and his mother. A week, two weeks, a month, two months even more 1 year old, Malin’s father also did not return to the village. So she had to replace the position of Continue reading

May 5, 2009

1. Life was absolute misery

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Early one morning Antipka was sitting sadly on the steps of his little wooden house, sunk in thought. He had plenty to be happy  about: a cosy home which he had built himself, a nice plot of ground and a good crop of cabbages and sunflowers. And yet one thing made him miserable; he had married a bad-tempered woman. When he first knew her she seemed such a sweet young girl and then, immediately after the wedding, she became spiteful and irritable, and now Antipka’s life was absolute Continue reading

April 22, 2009

Si Kabayan is a Haji

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It seemed to Si Kabayan that he had not anything really good to eat for a long time. He even had visions of a delicious chicken, aromatic in thick coconut sauce. One day he had an idea. He knew that his father-in-law always served the most excellent food if a haji paid him a visit, so he disguised himself as a haji, white robe, white fez, and flowing white scarf, and went to his father-in-law’s home.

As soon as si Kabayan’s father-in-law saw that he had a haji as guest he Continue reading

January 21, 2014


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Once upon a time there were Three Bears, who lived together in a house of their own, in a wood. One of them was a Little, Small, Wee Bear; and one was a Middle-sized Bear, and the other was a Great, Huge Bear. They each had a pot for their porridge, a little pot for the Little, Small, Wee Bear, and a middle-sized pot for the Middle Bear, and a great pot for the Great, Huge Bear. And they each had a chair to sit in; a little chair for the Little, Small, Wee Bear; and a middle-sized chair for Continue reading

November 27, 2013


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At a great celebration in honor of King Lion, the Monkey was asked to dance for the company. His dancing was very clever indeed, and the animals were all highly pleased with his grace and lightness.

The praise that was showered on the Monkey made the Camel envious. He was very sure that he could dance quite as well as the Monkey, if not better, so he pushed his way into the crowd that was gathered around the Monkey, and rising on his hind legs, began to dance. But the big hulking Camel Continue reading

November 26, 2013


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A RAVEN, which you know is black as coal, was envious of the Swan, because her feathers were as white as the purest snow. The foolish bird got the idea that if he lived like the Swan, swimming and diving all day long and eating the weeds and plants that grow in the water, his feathers would turn white like the Swan’s.

So he left his home in the woods and fields and flew down to live on the lakes and in the marshes. But though he washed and washed all day long, almost drowning Continue reading

October 4, 2013


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A Young Mouse, that had not seen much of the world, came home one day and said: “O mother! I have had such a fright! I saw a great creature strutting about on two legs.
I wonder what it was! On his head was a red cap.
His eyes were fierce and stared at me, and he had a sharp mouth.

“All at once he stretched his long neck, and opened his mouth so wide, and roared so loud, that I thought he was going to eat me up, and I ran home as fast as I could.
I was Continue reading

October 3, 2013


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Once there were two Frogs who were dear friends.

One lived in a deep pond in the woods, where the trees hung over the water, and where no one came to disturb him.

The other lived in a small pool. This was not a good place for a Frog, or any one else, to live in, for the country road passed through the pool, and all the horses and wagons had to go that way, so that it was not quiet like the pond, and the horses made the water muddy and foul.

One day the Frog from the pond Continue reading

April 13, 2013

Snow White – A Bedtime Story

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It was bedtime in the little cottage in the woods. Snow White kissed each Dwarf good night and tucked them into bed.

“Wait! Wait!” called out Happy before she blew out the candle.

“Please tell us a story!”

“Very well,” said Snow White, smiling.
She settled down at the foot of the beds and began…

“Once upon a time, there lived a happy little princess – or rather, a mostly happy little princess, but for a Continue reading

April 2, 2013

Cinderella – A Tiny New Friend

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It had been a week since Cinderella’s stepmother had forced her to move out of her bedroom and into the attic of the old house.

But still Cinderella was not used to her new sleeping quarters. It was a cold, bare, lonely little room. The only other soul around to keep Cinderella company was a skittish little mouse who she had seen scurrying in and out of a hole in a corner of the room.

She had always been fond of Continue reading

March 29, 2013

Flik’s Perfect Gift

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It is Queen Atta’s birthday.

All the ants are bringing gifts!

But why doesn’t Flik look happy?

“I want to bring the perfect gift!” Flik says.

Flik looks high.
Flik looks low.

Finding the perfect gift is not easy!

Flik thinks and thinks.
“I’ve got it! he cries.

Flik’s ideas start to bloom!

“It’s just a plain old daisy now,” Flik says.
“But soon it will be Continue reading

February 10, 2013

Jack and the Beanstalk

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Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jack. he lived with his mother. they had a cow, but it could not give milk anymore.

Jack’s mother said, “We have no food. Go into town and sell our cow.”

So Jack led their cow to town. On the way, he met an old man. The man asked, “Will you sell me your cow?”

Jack said, “Yes! How much will you give me?”

The old man showed Jack five beans. “I will give you these magic beans. They will make you Continue reading

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